You're Fine!

The United States of Shock

June 08, 2021 Cinder Block Comedy Season 1 Episode 8
You're Fine!
The United States of Shock
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Congratulations, you've survived another week! Your reward for living this long is another new episode of You're Fine!

This week, Coree reminisces about scat, Elsa learns the terrifying truth about Mad Cow Disease, and John Hinckley uses the power of song to finally get over Jodie Foster (just in time for Pride Month!). And that's all before we get to the main topic of the week: Shock!

Shock comes in many forms; in this episode, we focus on Acute Stress Disorder and the very serious mental and physical effects it can inflict. We also guide you through potential options for treatment, and what you can do for a friend or loved one who has ASD.

Our show is a production of Cinder Block Comedy, in association with Sodabags Studios and your town is next. Media. This episode was engineered and produced by Alex Fleming and Alexander Scott. Special thanks to Morgan Pielli for our show artwork and Intellectual Dark Wave for our theme song, from his album Labor Songs.

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Scatting and Choir Memories
What Are We Smoking?
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Cortisol and Mad Cow
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