You're Fine!

Be Easy On Yourself, Be Hard On The System

June 22, 2021 Cinder Block Comedy Season 1 Episode 10
You're Fine!
Be Easy On Yourself, Be Hard On The System
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You've made it all the way to our tenth episode! Who would've bet we would get this far? If you didn't, you owe us $5. Pay up.

This week's episode is about the delicate balance of advocacy: when to be forgiving, and when to be demanding. For example, Coree is working to forgive and accept her experience with publishing her book (which you can purchase at your local store via IndieBound or online!), while Elsa is continuing to demand the state of New York reckon with its slave trade history with their Slavers of New York project.

Elsa is also introduced to a particular banger from Peter Gabriel's discography they'd somehow never heard, which is an unforgivable oversight.

Our show is a production of Cinder Block Comedy, in association with Sodabags Studios and your town is next. Media. This episode was engineered and produced by Alex Fleming and Alexander Scott. Special thanks to Morgan Pielli for our show artwork and Intellectual Dark Wave for our theme song, from his album Labor Songs.

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