You're Fine!

Waking Up to Subconscious Biases

July 20, 2021 Cinder Block Comedy Season 1 Episode 14
You're Fine!
Waking Up to Subconscious Biases
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Welcome back to another episode of You're Fine. Please, have a seat and relax. This is a place of love and support; no one is here to attack you. 

Coree and Elsa have experienced their share of hate and bigotry, both in the comedy scene and the world at large. But when combatting prejudice and hate, one must also beware when the call is coming from inside the house. So this week, we talk about combatting internalized bias and oppression!

And along the way, our hosts end up kinda trading rape jokes, so here's your trigger warning for that. Our chapter markers are there for your mental wellness.

Our show is a production of Cinder Block Comedy, in association with Sodabags Studios and your town is next. Media. This episode was engineered and produced by Alex Fleming and Alexander Scott. Special thanks to Morgan Pielli for our show artwork and Intellectual Dark Wave for our theme song, from his album Labor Songs.

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