You're Fine!

Does Blossom Shower?

August 17, 2021 Cinder Block Comedy Season 1 Episode 18
You're Fine!
Does Blossom Shower?
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As the sea levels rise, as the land spoils, as the waters pollute, as the animals thin in their numbers, as the air we breathe spreads illness and contamination, one thing remains true: You're Fine. And isn't that just peachy? 

Life is in flux at the moment for our hosts. Coree has gone up for an extended stay with her mother in a remote town where masks and vaccines aren't popular, and the vibe is very not chill. Elsa is coping with the devastating news of Jeopardy hiring two white hosts. These are trying times. 

Our show is a production of Cinder Block Comedy, in association with your town is next. Media. This episode was engineered and produced by Alexander Scott. Special thanks to Morgan Pielli for our show artwork and Intellectual Dark Wave for our theme song, from his album Labor Songs

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