You're Fine!

Take Me to the Cookie Throne

October 20, 2021 Cinder Block Comedy Season 1 Episode 24
You're Fine!
Take Me to the Cookie Throne
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Coree and Elsa are back, with an all new episode that's too hot for the Albanian Board of Tourism! Hear all about the shady side of Europe, as experienced by a queer person of color! And if that's not enough, listen as two very stoned people try to unpack the sociopolitical history of North Korea! It's a show so jam-packed with content, we didn't even have time to talk about hemorrhoids!

Our show is a production of Cinder Block Comedy, in association with your town is next. Media. This episode was engineered and produced by Alexander Scott. Special thanks to Morgan Pielli for our show artwork and Intellectual Dark Wave for our theme song, from his album Labor Songs.

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What Are We Smoking?
So How Was Albania, Elsa?
A Very High Detour into Guam and Word Sounds
There's More to the Albania Story
Two Stoners Explain North Korea to Each Other
Inappropriate Videos From Nana
An Excuse to Talk About Squid Game